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Lifelong jazz musician in the mountains of Colorado. You won't find me on social media. You'll find me here!

35 years ago, I started learning music from the most talented music teachers in California. People ask me what I am thinking when I play, and the answer is: all of the thoughts I've had in my life come to me when I am on the keys.

Today I use my life experience to engage with the audience on more levels than ever before. I have lived through many different social interaction standards. I have found music entertainment to stand the eternal test of time.


Here is a song for the holidays, although it is not a holiday song. When you hear this TV show theme song, you will always remember the Christmas special from many years ago:

Thanksgiving song Over the River with experimental jazz improv:


Somebody just asked me how I can be comfortable giving away my coding secrets. Actually, I would love for my secrets get out because I would love to program computers the way I jam with music...

I create music by putting my ideas out there and feeling how they work with like-minded folks. Computer programming is only different because the ideas come together in very different time frames.

Here's where I subscribe to a culture of programming where we build things together by presenting our ideas and unguarding our secrets:

Example 1:
How to make computer generated piano keys using JavaScript:

In this example, I've gone and created a function that will render any white note. One of the parameters is notch, which is a string enumerator (fancy way of saying it's a multi-way switch). The parameter notch may be "left", "right", or "both".

You can see there are 7 lines of code that start with drawNote. Those are the lines that.. draw each note! Each line of drawNote code going down draws a note going to the right.

Here's the JavaScript code:

Coming up in the next example: How to animate the piano keyboard using JavaScript timer events!

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